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Guest Blogging Bombshell : Kethia on How to Shop Vintage

By thefashionbomb · September 3, 2009 · 0 Comments ·
So last Friday’s Bombshell Kethia’s vintage style was such a hit with you guys that I decided to ask her to guest blog for us today!

The certified stylista and blogger took snaps of her friend, actress Kent King, and provided a few tips on how to find a wardrobe diamond in the rough at your local thrift shop! Read on and enjoy!
Hey fashionistas, it’s Kethia from TheFlauntFiles! As many of you may already know I adore vintage shopping and fashions, which is why I own a lot of it!

I appreciate those who have admired my style and want to know more on how to successfully buy vintage for their own closets! So here are some basic tips on “How To Shop Vintage”!

Vintage Tip # 1
Make sure to have a good attitude, patience & enough time.

Most people like the convenience of department stores or boutiques, where everything is organized and placed in specific areas. However, when it comes to vintage, there’s usually one of each item in the store so it appears to look cluttered and/or difficult to browse. Nevertheless, this is one of the perks of vintage shopping, so keep in mind that it may be overwhelming. It’s not that easy to score when finding that perfect piece, so it may take longer than you thought to get really great vintage. If you give yourself enough time to shop you’ll have a much better experience.

Vintage Tip # 2
Be completely open to EVERYTHING, or know specifically what you’re looking for.

When vintage shopping, I usually don’t have a specific item I’m searching for, I just GO FOR IT! Browse the entire store based on what you like, and continue from there. I typically start (in this order) with accessories, dresses, blazers, blouses, bottoms, and sometimes shoes depending on the store. If you’re looking for something specific, begin with that type of item and search for everything in that section and outside that section. When I say search everything, I mean EVERYTHING! You’ll be surprised where you end up finding the best vintage; it’s often in the most unexpected places.

Vintage Tip #3
Seek and try on The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly!

Many of you fashionistas have a great fashion-eye and won’t necessarily try on certain pieces because you know what you like. However, I encourage even the most fashionable to try on their vintage finds and pick out items that look odd at first glance or pieces that are just plain “ugly”. The more you do this the more you will become aware of vintage cuts and sizes, as they vary from modern day clothing. You will also expose and open yourselves up to different vintage fashions. If you look beyond the piece and use your fashionable capabilities you can definitely wear an “ugly” item and make it look stunning!

Vintage Tip #4
The bigger the better!

There are many cases where you’ll find that perfect vintage item but not in your size!!! So put it back right? Absolutely NOT, in fact jump for joy! The great thing about buying bigger garments is having the option to get them altered. You can have your vintage item taken in to fit you perfectly, or even customize the design. You’ll then have an outfit that’s even more one-of-a-kind which is why you’re shopping vintage in the first place!!!

Vintage Tip #5
If you love it, BUY IT. If you like it BUY IT. If you’re confused…BUY IT!

Another perk about shopping vintage is that you can get a lot for a little. Most vintage is not super expensive which allows you to purchase many pieces. There may also come a time when you need to narrow down your purchases. You’ll have items you love, like or are contemplating. If you can actually afford the pieces and you don’t completely dislike them, I recommend getting them all. You might be unsure about the pieces but it’s probably something you’d regret not purchasing, TRUST ME!
Great job!
Do you have any more fun tips to add for shopping vintage?

*Be sure to check out Kethia’s blog, The Flaunt Files!

*Peep this archived Fashion Bomb Post for places to buy vintage in NYC.

This Week in Chic: Beyoncé, Whitney, and the NAACP Awards!

By thefashionbomb · September 3, 2009 · 0 Comments ·
This week witnessed tons of chic thanks to an NAACP event, the Daytime Emmy Awards, and diva Whitney Houston’s comeback performance:

I must say Ms. Houston looks amazing. Though her Good Morning America performance left a lot to be desired, her outfit and makeup were classy, flawless, and fierce! Coming up in second place for my week in chic nomination would have to be DJ Clue… Fix your face indeed!

Who wins this week’s chic award for you?

Pre-Fashion Week Event: Married to the Mob’s 5th Anniversary Party

By thefashionbomb · September 3, 2009 · 0 Comments ·
Dope urban brand Married to the Mob will celebrate their 5th year anniversary with a fun pre-Fashion Week celebration:

They’re throwing the event with the Parisian Cool Cats, who the Fashion Bomb wrote about here!
It all goes down this Sunday September 6th at 10pm at Submercer (147 1/2 Mercer Street) in NYC.
You never know who could be there….


She by Sheree Showing at New York Fashion Week?

By thefashionbomb · September 3, 2009 · 0 Comments ·
The YBF reports that Real Atlanta Housewife Sheree Whitfield will be showing her She by Sheree Collection at New York Fashion Week:

Last season rumors swirled that Sheree would be in the tents, but the only Real Housewife I saw was Dwight!

Apparently Sheree’s show will take place on September 13th at the Metropolitan Pavilion. Wooord? Might have to check that on out!
What do you think bombshells? Does this move make Sheree a legitimate designer?

*Get a little background on New York Fashion Week and rumors surrouding Sheree’s show with this vintage Fashion Bomb Post, “Have the Tents Lost their Luster?”
*[Update] Just received this press release, “Fashion Week, Shereé announces she will be debuting her newest ” Sexy Chic” inspired collection during New York’s famed fashion week in September. The collection will be the designers second collection but first showing in NYC to date. “I am extremely excited about the new collection. I drew my inspiration from many aspects of fashion and architecture. I’m elated for the fashion industry to take a look at what has been created for the Spring 2010 season. The previewing is going to be my first showing in the fashion CAPITAL! I absolutely love this collection and it’s any fashion conscious woman’s dream: colorful, form fitting, powerful and DEFINITELY international,” said Shereé. The show is going down September 13th at 10am! I’ll be recovering from a good friend’s wedding, but will do my best to be in attendance.

Naomi Campbell Appears in Pop Magazine’s September Issue

By thefashionbomb · September 3, 2009 · 0 Comments ·
Photographer Roger Dekker shot a softer side of supermodel Naomi Campbell for the latest issue of Pop Magazine. The black and white spread was styled by Tamara Rothstein, and captures a contemplative, fresh faced model at rest:

It’s amazing that Naomi can still look so elegant with little to no makeup.
What do you think of this spread?


Fashion Bombshell of the Day : Shenneth from Washington D.C.

By thefashionbomb · September 3, 2009 · 0 Comments ·
Today we’re bringing it back to the States with Shenneth who lives in Washington D.C.!

She says, “ I’m just a petite girl who likes to dress up! Now that I’m in my mid-twenties, I’m starting to refine my personal style. I don’t try all the trends because honestly they’re not all flattering to short ladies like myself.”

“…I have a penchant for dresses, skirts and love shopping in vintage and thrift stores–older clothes tend to be cut smaller! My other petite girl trick is to buy jackets and blazers from the boys section of stores.”

Shenneth, the vintage look totally works for you, plus I’m *loving* your skirts and fun accessories!

What do you guys think?
Fashion Bombshell of the Day is a feature that showcases the singular style and flair of Fashion Bomb Readers. Send your name, location, and Fashion Bombshell of the Day Picture to thefashionbomb@gmail.com.

Men’s Fashion Flash : Jay-Z’s Vince Plaid Shirt

By thefashionbomb · September 3, 2009 · 0 Comments ·
Jay-Z was recently spotted wearing this $195 Vince Plaid Shirt from Bergdorf Goodman:

The cotton button down boasts a spread collar, epaulets, and button flap chest pockets.
Splurge on the mogul worthy shirt, then save on the rest of his look with these.

Vintage Snapshot : Janet Jackson by Tony Viramontes

By thefashionbomb · September 3, 2009 · 0 Comments ·

“Control.” Janet Jackson by Tony Viramontes. ca. 1986

Snapshot is a daily section featuring fashionable, memorable moments. No words, just an image. Enjoy..and discuss!

Look for Less : Letoya Luckett at J & R Musicfest in New York

By thefashionbomb · September 3, 2009 · 0 Comments ·
For J&R Musicfest in New York, singer Letoya Luckett paired a sequin top and cut off shorts with one of Fall’s hottest trends, thigh high black boots:

If you love her look, but need it for less, get it with these fun affordable options.

Fashion Bombshell of the Day : Cynthia aka Bellafierce

By thefashionbomb · September 3, 2009 · 0 Comments ·
Today reader Cynthia, who calls herself Bellafierce, submitted this picture:

A mysterious bombshell, Cynthia sent over this one lone picture, and didn’t tell us about her style or where she’s from! Cynthia, if you’re reading this, help us out!
In the meantime, is this curvaceous fashionista bella and fierce?

Fashion Bombshell of the Day is a feature that showcases the singular style and flair of Fashion Bomb Readers. Send your name, location, and Fashion Bombshell of the Day Picture to thefashionbomb@gmail.com.

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